Fixtures and dates for the 2017 season

DATE DAY Bowls Scotland E&L B.A. E.B.L TOP TEN W.of.L
02-Mar Thursday Association AGM-Bainfield B.C.,7.00pm
09-Apr Sunday Draw Sunday-11.00am Colinton B.C.
21-Apr Friday Association Fundraiser, Bainfield B.C., 7.00pm
29-Apr Saturday 12.00 Noon AHT V U25 Trial Colinton B.C.
01-May Monday Ladies League
03-May Wednesday League
04-May Thursday
05-May Friday
06-May Saturday Ladies Trial
07-May Sunday Ladies Junior Trial  Under 25 v Borders at Selkirk
08-May Monday Ladies League
10-May Wednesday League
11-May Thursday
12-May Friday
13-May Saturday AHT Away-Midlothian at Newbattle
14-May Sunday Confirmed Home Under 25 at  Tanfield
15-May Monday Ladies League
17-May Wednesday League
18-May Thursday Fleming Prelim (Entry Dependant)
19-May Friday
20-May Saturday Confirmed Home-Stirling East-Colinton B.C.
21-May Sunday Confirmed Home Under 25 – Maitland B.C.
22-May Monday Ladies League
23-May Tuesday
24-May Wednesday League
25-May Thursday  County Prelim
26-May Friday Senior Prelim
27-May Saturday AHT Away-Fife at Cupar
28-May Sunday Gents Trial W Wood-Bainfield
29-May Monday Ladies League
30-May Tuesday
31-May Wednesday League
01-Jun Thursday County Round 1
02-Jun Friday Senior Round 1
03-Jun Saturday AHT Away-East Lothian at Portseaton
04-Jun Sunday U25 Assesment Day
05-Jun Monday Top 5 Prelim Start Ladies Cup
06-Jun Tuesday
07-Jun Wednesday League
08-Jun Thursday County Round of 16
09-Jun Friday  County Senior Round of 16
10-Jun Saturday Confirmed Home-Borders at Craigentinny
11-Jun Sunday Under 25
12-Jun Monday Ladies League
14-Jun Wednesday League
15-Jun Thursday County  Quarters
16-Jun Friday County Senior Quarters Edinburgh Cup
17-Jun Saturday Away-West Fife at Dunfermline West End
18-Jun Sunday
19-Jun Monday Matt Purdie Trial Ladies League
20-Jun Tuesday
21-Jun Wednesday League
22-Jun Thursday County Semi Final
23-Jun Friday  County Senior Semi-Final Edinburgh Cup/Edinburgh Plate
24-Jun Saturday Confirmed Home-West Lothian-Parkside B.C.
25-Jun Sunday U25 Finals – Sighthill B.C. 10.00am
26-Jun Monday Ladies League
27-Jun Tuesday Preliminary
28-Jun Wednesday League
29-Jun Thursday
30-Jun Friday B.I.B.C. Edinburgh Cup/Edinburgh Plate
01-Jul Saturday B.I.B.C. Association Finals – Colinton B.C., County Seniors Finals 11.00am, County Finals 2.00pm
02-Jul Sunday B.I.B.C. Jim Bell-Qualifier
03-Jul Monday Matt Purdie – West Lothian (A) Ladies League
04-Jul Tuesday Round 1
05-Jul Wednesday League
06-Jul Thursday  EEBA Knockout
07-Jul Friday Edinburgh Cup,Edinburgh Plate
08-Jul Saturday AHT Quarters
09-Jul Sunday Mixed Rink
10-Jul Monday Matt Purdie – Fife(H) Ladies League
11-Jul Tuesday Round 2
12-Jul Wednesday League
13-Jul Thursday Knockout
14-Jul Friday Edinburgh Plate
15-Jul Saturday AHT Semi
16-Jul Sunday U25 Trial Mixed Rink Final – Colinton B.C. , 2.00pm
17-Jul Monday Matt Purdie- Midlothian (A) Ladies League
18-Jul Tuesday Quarter Final
19-Jul Wednesday League
20-Jul Thursday Knockout
21-Jul Friday Edinburgh Plate
22-Jul Saturday AHT Final
23-Jul Sunday U25 Jim Bell Trophy Final -Ayrshire B.A.
24-Jul Monday Nationals Ladies Cup
25-Jul Tuesday Nationals
26-Jul Wednesday Nationals
27-Jul Thursday Nationals
28-Jul Friday Nationals
29-Jul Saturday Nationals
30-Jul Sunday Top 5 Round 3 Complete
31-Jul Monday Matt Purdie – West Lothian (H) Ladies League
01-Aug Tuesday U25 2 Bowl Triples
02-Aug Wednesday League
03-Aug Thursday Knockout
04-Aug Friday
05-Aug Saturday Edinburgh Cup
06-Aug Sunday Top 5 Semi Final-2.00pm, Parkside B.C. & Craigentinny B.C.
07-Aug Monday Tait Trophy-Preliminary/Matt Purdie-Fife (A) Ladies League
08-Aug Tuesday U25 2 Bowl Triples
09-Aug Wednesday League
10-Aug Thursday Knockout
11-Aug Friday Tait Trophy- Last 32
12-Aug Saturday Semi Final
13-Aug Sunday Top 5 Final, Colinton B.C.-2.00pm Edinburgh Plate,Ladies Cup
14-Aug Monday Matt Purdie-Midlothian (H) Ladies League
16-Aug Wednesday Tait Last 16, 6.30pm- Craigentinny B.C. & Wardie B.C.
17-Aug Thursday Millar Trophy -Colinton B.C. 6.30pm
18-Aug Friday Tait last 16 alternative date
19-Aug Saturday Tait Trophy  Quarters, Parkside B.C. 11.00am Edinburgh Plate, Ladies Cup
20-Aug Sunday Tait Trophy  Semi Final & Final, Colinton B.C. 11.00am
21-Aug Monday Matt Purdie Final
26-Aug Saturday Final
27-Aug Sunday U25 Calder Cup – Sighthill 11.00am
02-Sep Saturday Finals Day
09-Sep Saturday U25 International
10-Sep Sunday U25 International Inter County Top 5 Finals- Sighthill B.C. 11.00am