Under 25 Management Team 2019

The Association is delighted to announce the Management Team for the Under 25’s for 2019.

Raymond Richards (V.P.) and John McDermott(Sighthill B.C.).

Raymond and John have a hard task in front of them to continue the success that E&LBA have enjoyed over the last few years at Under 25 level.

Committee Member Andrew Mackay


It is with regret and no little sadness that the remainder of the Committee feel compelled to release this statement to update the Association Club members on the current situation with regard to Andrew Mackay (Committee)

On Monday 6 November, Andrew arrived at Parkside B.C. to participate in a scheduled Committee meeting. Andrew was asked to sign a letter of undertaken as to his future conduct.

Andrew refused to sign the letter for the fourth time. Andrew was then asked to leave the meeting by President Lawrence Healy. This sparked a furious reaction ending in threats to the Committee members present. L Healy, R Richards, I Pickavance, D McGill, B Macfarlane, G Blair and C Nichol.

This behavior is not expected of a Committee member on any Committee at any level.

The remainder of the Committee have no confidence that Andrew Mackay can be an effective member of the Association Committee and will not be supporting his re-election at the Annual General Meeting in March 2019

New Committee Members

Can I remind all members that applications to join  the Association Committee should be submitted to the Secretary in writing no later than Monday 31 December.

Any member interested and unsure of what is involved in the position. Please email the secretary at edinleith-ba.co.uk and  a fact sheet will be forwarded.


Ayrshire B.A.letter of complaint

The Association Sub Committee has fully investigated the contents of the letter sent to the Association by  Ayrshire B.A.  that alleged misconduct by our Under 25 team.

President Lawrence Healy has prepared the following statement

Following discussions with members of Ayrshire B.A. Committee on Sunday 26 August at the Calder Cup the Association Committee were informed by Ayrshire B.A.  that they are satisfied with the findings of the investigation and the matter was now closed.

The Committee of Edinburgh & Leith B.A. thank Ayrshire B.A. for their acceptance of the findings of the investigation.

The Association Sub Committee  carried out their own internal investigation and we are satisfied that this matter is now closed.

As with all investigations lessons have been learned and a Code of Conduct will be put in place for 2019

Lawrence Healy: President.


Under 25 Calder Cup and Top 10

Statement below released to answer the many questions that have been put forward by Association members. The investigation is still ongoing.


Edinburgh and Leith Bowling Association

Ref Under 25 Team 23.08.2018

Below is a statement from the Association Committee explaining why the decision has been taken to withdraw from the Calder Cup and Top Ten 2018. On completion of the ongoing Investigation an update will be forwarded to the member Clubs.

E&LBA recently received a letter of complaint from Ayrshire BA regarding a posting on Instagram. The photograph showed an Ayrshire BA team shirt ripped in two with an abusive and insulting title below. The photograph was taken by a member of the E&LBA Under-25 team, shows another member in the background, and was sent from the account address of an E&LBA Under-25 player.

Faced with overwhelming evidence of serious misconduct the Committee appointed two members to investigate. Had the investigation identified the culprits then they could have been withdrawn from selection for the forthcoming Calder Cup team, and E&LBA could have taken part. Faced with intransigence and obfuscation from those members of the team who were approached for information, the investigators reported their lack of findings to the Committee. Given that the Ayrshire BA would be competing in the event and to avoid any escalation of the ill-feeling towards E&LBA, the Committee felt that they had little option other than to withdraw from the Calder Cup and Top Ten.

E&LBA would like to apologise for not informing member clubs about this sooner but had hoped to have the matter resolved quickly. Unfortunately, thanks to the lack of co-operation this was not possible.

The Committee have tried to act in the best interests of its member clubs in an effort to protect the good name and reputation of the Association.

Each member is deeply embarrassed by the affair.

E&LBA have apologised to Ayrshire BA and offered to pay for the damaged shirt.