Committee Member Andrew Mackay


It is with regret and no little sadness that the remainder of the Committee feel compelled to release this statement to update the Association Club members on the current situation with regard to Andrew Mackay (Committee)

On Monday 6 November, Andrew arrived at Parkside B.C. to participate in a scheduled Committee meeting. Andrew was asked to sign a letter of undertaken as to his future conduct.

Andrew refused to sign the letter for the fourth time. Andrew was then asked to leave the meeting by President Lawrence Healy. This sparked a furious reaction ending in threats to the Committee members present. L Healy, R Richards, I Pickavance, D McGill, B Macfarlane, G Blair and C Nichol.

This behavior is not expected of a Committee member on any Committee at any level.

The remainder of the Committee have no confidence that Andrew Mackay can be an effective member of the Association Committee and will not be supporting his re-election at the Annual General Meeting in March 2019