Team Manager

The Association has appointed a Team Manager as of Thursday, 09 November 2017. The position will be split between two applicants,Duncan McLaren (Edinburgh West End B.C.) and Ricky Rutherford (Dudley B.C.).

Duncan and Ricky will also assist in the development of the younger players to get them prepared for the challenges at senior level

To give them the best possible start inĀ  2018 , the Association requires those playing at the highest level to make themselves available for selection.

Committee 2018


09 October 2017

Dear Member

The Association is again seeking nominations from the Clubs to join the Committee for 2018 and beyond.

This is a big commitment for any member to undertake but not as demanding as it was in years gone by. We do recognise that family and work commitments must always be a priority for any Committee member so to that end we have reduced the commitment required by a member during a season and continue to look at the Calendar to try and ease that Commitment.

The simplest way to achieve the above is to get the Committee up to strength, a task that has proven difficult over the last three years. However, we are looking at alternatives for next year to try and attract members onto Committee.

One Club has informed the Committee that they had not put forward a nomination for Committee as they considered that their green was not good enough to host the Finals. The Finals can be held on any green chosen by the President so long as it is by agreement and is suitable. So please do not let that stop any club from nominating a candidate.

Are you a member who has the knowledge, enthusiasm and willingness to serve on Committee but has no desire to be President? Come onto Committee and use that experience for the Associations benefit, nothing says you must be President.

There are member clubs of the Association who have never held the Position of President. Is now the time to put forward a candidate?

Finally, the member who wants to join the Committee and progress through the offices to President. That member is also required.

There is an urgent need of support from the Clubs to fill the empty chairs. Four would be excellent, three would be very good as would two and one.

Support the Association and put forward candidates for the Committee in writing to the Secretary no later than the 31 December 2017.



Under 25 Top 10

The Association has been invited to compete in the Under 25 Top 10 on Sunday 24 September at Anchor B.C. Paisley.

I would be obliged if all current squad members could advise their availability to Lawrence Healy, Raymond Richards or myself by Monday 11 September.

From those available a 12 man squad will be selected and further details advised there after.

Matt Purdie Scottish Final

Team to play against Northern County in the Matt Purdie Scottish Final. The game will be played on Thursday 14 September. Currently the most likely venue and start time is Invergowrie B.C. with a start time of 1.00pm.

Lead Norrie Inglis Liberton Lead Keith Anderson Postal
Second Gordon Taylor Willowbrae Second Chris Crawford Carrick Knowe
Third Martin Quinn Parkside Third Stuart Wilson Bainfield
Skip Frank O’Reilly Queensberry Skip B J Smith Hillside
Lead Norrie Chalmers Summerside Lead Bill Herd Slateford
Second Ian Brown Summerside Second Jim Connor Corstorphine
Third Ian Pryde Willowbrae Third Ian Combe Carrick Knowe
Skip Adam Davidson Leith Skip Frank Welsh Mayfield
Lead Rab Gardner Parkside Lead
Second Bernie Callaghan Corstorphine Second
Third Alan McKenzie Brunstane Third
Skip Adam Brock Bainfield Skip
Reserve Lawrence Healy Parkside Reserve David Moran Parkside
Reserve Tom Drummond Summerside Reserve Malcolm Cook Bainfield
Reserve Reserve