u25 Finals Day Itinerary

The Semi-Final`s of the Competition, which will be played at Sighthill B.C. Sighthill Loan, Edinburgh.

On Sunday 25 June 2017, the games will commence at 10.00am.

Below is a schedule of the morning events.

  • Players to arrive by 09:15am.
  • Draw in Boardroom at 9.30am.
  • Bowls on the Green for Checking by 9.30am
  • Players led onto the Green by President/Team Manager at 9.50am
  • Welcome by President Jim Macalister 9.55am

Edinburgh & Leith B.A.opponent’s in the Semi Final will be Dumfries & Galloway B.A.

Edinburgh & Leith BA will be playing with Blue Stickers in the Semi-Final.

Should Edinburgh & Leith B.A. be successful in reaching the Final, this game will commence at 2.00pm.

In the event of Edinburgh & Leith B.A being drawn as the Home team in the final  you will be issued with red stickers

There is an open Kitchen available form 9.00am for Breakfast and Lunch. There is no Meal after the Game

Presentation of the Trophy and Medals will commence at App. 5.30pm.