2018 Success.

As the 2018 season quickly approaches, let us all reflect on the success that the Association has achieved at County level in 2017.

This success does not happen by accident.It does however  happen with a lot of effort. So let us all reflect on the hard work and commitment of the players, all of the many volunteers and the input from the Association Clubs.

The Association now has a proven pathway for our bowlers, from eight years to infinity. (Willie Wood, Under 25, AHT and Matt Purdie.)

This pathway has to be encouraged through our membership. With continued hard work, let us strive to achieve more representation at the highest level. Playing for Scotland.

The Association will in 2018 be supporting a motion to allow more of our female members to have the opportunity to participate at an under 25 County level.

Matt Purdie

League winners for the second year

Defeated in the Scottish final

Under 25

League Winners

Calder Cup winners

Scottish Cup runners up.