AGM 2020

Last night the Association AGM was held at Bainfield BC with a good turnout from the Clubs.

The clubs elected a new President and Vice President for 2020.

Raymond Richards President (Craigentinny BC) and Colin Nichol Vice President(Edinburgh West End BC)

There was one change to the Constitution and Rules. A Top 5 match will now commence with one representative from each team flipping a coin for possession of the Jack.

Raymond updated the Clubs regarding the talks between the Association and the Edinburgh Bowling League Committee. As with all constructive discussions it does take time to get the bowl rolling but I can assure the Clubs that it is now on its way. Tasks have been allocated to individuals from both Committees with their thoughts to be brought back to the table for our third meeting that will take place on Monday 9 March. An update will be sent to all the Clubs throughout the process to ensure they receive the correct information on the progress being made.

Duncan McLaren and Ricky Rutherford will manage the AHT in 2020

John McDermott will manage the U25

Matt Purdie Selectors will be G Blair, R Rutherford, B Macfarlane and L Healy