Brunstane BC

Notice received from Brunstane B.C. regarding access

I’d be obliged if you could forward this notice to all Clubs to ensure that both Gents and Ladies attending Brunstane BC are aware of the through closure of Brunstane Road with effect from 10th March 2019 until late 2020. This is due to the Brighton Place resurfacing work.
The road will be closed to all through motorist traffic at the rail bridge. Pedestrians and cyclists will still have through access. Access to properties, the Club and adjoining side roads will be restricted to one end of Brunstane Road or the other.
Our Club is located to the South of the bridge. Access to properties including the Club will be via Milton Road. There will be a turning point at the end of the Club entry lane / Brunstane Gardens. Parking will likely be restricted at this point.
Access to properties North of the bridge will be via Joppa Road/ Abercorn Terrace. There will be a turning point at Joppa Station Place. This area may offer more on street parking, but involving a 75 metre walk to our Club over the bridge.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Bruce Johnstone – Secretary