Matt Purdie Game 4

The Purdies traveled to Buchan Park, Broxburn yesterday to play West Lothian BA in week 4 of the Matt Purdie. It was a must-win game for the Purdies to have any chance of a section

The Purdies made a fantastic comeback to eventually win the game by 10 shots. The final third of the game was very exciting with the score changing hands every other end. It kept a good crowd entertained all the way.

Next Monday the game is at Leith BC against the Borders BA

B J Smith 16 v G Logan 12

F O’Reilly 16 v J Black 10

F Welsh 13 v R Erskine 13

A Brock 13 v G Sneddon 16

A Melrose 15 v G Smith 12

Table to follow when other results are posted.