Findlay Elder PP

Findlay Elder PP (Juniper Green BC). President of the Association in 1999 sadly passed this morning. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this very difficult time.

Findlay was a staunch supporter of Edinburgh & Leith in particular and all bowling in general.

Will be greatly missed.

Virtual Andrew Hamilton Trophy

Edinburgh & Leith BA a delighted to confirm participation in the 2020 Virtual AHT tournament.
Please head over to Facebook for updates :
And following league tables, scores and more updates here :

The tournament itself is completely computer generated scores, there is no bowling involved!

This will be run with charity in mind, Ambitious about Autism is the chosen charity

Coronavirus Joint Statement

Edinburgh Bowling League & Edinburgh and Leith Bowling Association

Dear Member Clubs,

We have waited to provide our advice and guidance regarding the Coronavirus and impact on our sport and individual family lives until we had a greater picture from all available sources and feel that the time is now to present our position.

You are all more than aware that these are completely unprecedented times and a situation that we all face with a great deal of uncertainty and instability. That said, we believe that by enforcing the bonds we share within our sporting fraternity, we can help and guide each other through this period.

As we stated, we have drawn on several advisory bodies including Bowls Scotland, Government and Local Authority and the honest realisation is that there is no likelihood of bowling taking place this season. We fully appreciate this devastating position; however, this is done in the very best of interest to protect us all and keep each other safe. 

As you know, the EBL and E&LBA committees are now conducting joint meetings to progress our future plans for a joint association, Edinburgh Bowling Association and we will still progress with this over the course of the year and provide you with updates when we have them.

With this said, we held a conference call on Monday 23rd March 2020 and jointly agreed the following with immediate effect:

  1. The EBL and E&LBA bowling season 2020 is now cancelled in its entirety. We will continue to meet as detailed above. Should we see a shift in the current environment to allow bowling to operate again, we will endeavour to implement some form of reduced calendar, pending the timescales.
  2. The EBL and E&LBA will be returning this seasons fees to our member clubs. This will be done as soon as reasonably practical so please allow some patience for us to facilitate this.
  3. All Clubs that purchased tickets for the EBL Sportsman’s dinner will be refunded. Unfortunately, the EBL were unable to recover all costs, however, we feel it is only right that you our members do not suffer this unfortunate predicament and you will be fully reimbursed. Again, please allow some patience for us to facilitate this.


We fully appreciate that there will significant be financial pressure on our member clubs this season, some more than others and whilst we have no say or control over decisions made by our clubs, we urge you, where financially possible, to maintain your greens. The impact of the Coronavirus will impact on us all this season; however, your green will suffer, potentially at a greater expense or possibly beyond repair if they are not treated and maintained. We urge you to take this into serious consideration and suggest that you consult your green contractors to see what can be scaled down.

Some clubs have taken the decision to sell stock to club members at supermarket prices to allow some form of income to offset the original purchases. This appears to be a common-sense approach, however, please ensure that it is being done in some form of pre order and pick up style basis rather than your club being fully opened for drop in purchases. It is a means to trying claw back some funds for the season rather than binning the out of date stock. Also, it would be useful to empty your beer lines to water to prevent contamination.

Should any club have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either secretary.

Stay safe, stay in touch with each other and most importantly stay well.

Yours in Bowls

Robert White                 Colin Nichol

EBL Secretary                E&LBA Secretary

AGM 2020

Last night the Association AGM was held at Bainfield BC with a good turnout from the Clubs.

The clubs elected a new President and Vice President for 2020.

Raymond Richards President (Craigentinny BC) and Colin Nichol Vice President(Edinburgh West End BC)

There was one change to the Constitution and Rules. A Top 5 match will now commence with one representative from each team flipping a coin for possession of the Jack.

Raymond updated the Clubs regarding the talks between the Association and the Edinburgh Bowling League Committee. As with all constructive discussions it does take time to get the bowl rolling but I can assure the Clubs that it is now on its way. Tasks have been allocated to individuals from both Committees with their thoughts to be brought back to the table for our third meeting that will take place on Monday 9 March. An update will be sent to all the Clubs throughout the process to ensure they receive the correct information on the progress being made.

Duncan McLaren and Ricky Rutherford will manage the AHT in 2020

John McDermott will manage the U25

Matt Purdie Selectors will be G Blair, R Rutherford, B Macfarlane and L Healy


President Raymond Richards on reflection of being invested as President of the Association

” This is great honour for both myself and my club Craigentinny BC and I look forward to a busy season ahead, working with VP Colin Nichol, my IPP Lawrence Healy, Treasurer and Honorary member George Blair, Past Presidents Ricky Rutherford and Brian Macfarlane”


The Association Annual General Meeting will commence 7.00pm sharp. Please ensure all attending sign the attendance sheet and are seated for 6.55pm.