The Association will be holding a joint committee meeting with the Edinburgh Bowling League on Tuesday 11 Feb. I am inviting all Clubs to send in any questions by email ( that they may have regarding the proposed merger by Monday 10 February.

Why? To allow for a structured Q&A session at the AGM on 5 March 2020.

Working Together

Edinburgh & Leith BA-Statement of Common Purpose

Edinburgh & Leith BA would like to take this opportunity to inform our member clubs of our current working partnership with the Edinburgh Bowling League for the common purpose of merging both Associations into one governing body for Edinburgh bowling.

In November 2019, both organisations met and were unanimous in agreement that the time was now right to draw on our experience, resources, commitment and passion for our individual organisations and merge these into one governing body for the benefit of our member clubs and the future of bowling in Edinburgh.

We believe that united under one banner, we will be stronger, better coordinated, more resourceful and financially secure to ensure the continued and future development of bowling in Edinburgh.

This process is now underway and we will endeavour to ensure that you, our member clubs are kept up to date with the progress.

As you can imagine this will not be an overnight change. Both Committees are in agreement that we need to ensure that the merge is completed competently and to the highest organised level.

To start, we have agreed that as of now, we will combine our monthly Committee meetings to allow us to share our understandings and develope our actions to progress.

We hope that we can if and when needed, rely on you our member clubs to assist and support us throughout this new and exciting period of development.

It was agreed at the November meeting, Edinburgh & Leith BA will not be seeking any new members for Committee in 2020.

Thank you. Edinburgh & Leith BA

U25 Top 10

John McDermott and the young guns are of to Anchor BC, Paisley on Sunday 29 June to compete in the Invitation U25 Top 10.

Craig Mackintosh, Dean Mackintosh, Josh Spalding, Nicole McKean, Callum Munro, Luke Corbett, Scott Moodie, Ben Campbell, Paul Archibald, and Beth Isbister

Mini Bus leaves Bainfield BC only at 9.00 am sharp.

Scottish Inter-County Top 5

Linlithgow BC has won the 2019 S.I.C.T 5. Victories over Tranent BC in the semi-final and Maitland BC in the final sealed the Clubs first victory in the competition.

Maitland BC reached the final with a 3-2 win over Hyndland BC.

The whole day was an exhibition of bowls. That was made possible by Sighthill BC providing a fantastic playing surface for the players.

A big thank you to all the members of Sighthill BC who gave up their time to ensure the success of the finals. Roll on 2020

Inter-County Top 5

Maitland BC represents the Association on Sunday 8 September at Sighthill BC in the semi-final of the Scottish Inter County Top 5. Their opponents are Hyndland BC (Glasgow BA).

The other semi-final is between Linlithgow BC(West Lothian BA) V Tranent BC (East Lothian BA)

The games will commence at 1100am with Tranent BC going for three in a row.

A feast of bowling in store. Final is scheduled for a 2.00pm start.