2018 Success.

As the 2018 season quickly approaches, let us all reflect on the success that the Association has achieved at County level in 2017.

This success does not happen by accident.It does however  happen with a lot of effort. So let us all reflect on the hard work and commitment of the players, all of the many volunteers and the input from the Association Clubs.

The Association now has a proven pathway for our bowlers, from eight years to infinity. (Willie Wood, Under 25, AHT and Matt Purdie.)

This pathway has to be encouraged through our membership. With continued hard work, let us strive to achieve more representation at the highest level. Playing for Scotland.

The Association will in 2018 be supporting a motion to allow more of our female members to have the opportunity to participate at an under 25 County level.

Matt Purdie

League winners for the second year

Defeated in the Scottish final

Under 25

League Winners

Calder Cup winners

Scottish Cup runners up.


A big thank you to our Sponsor David Fisher and Urban Waste for their support in 2017.

Urban Waste

Committee 2018


09 October 2017

Dear Member

The Association is again seeking nominations from the Clubs to join the Committee for 2018 and beyond.

This is a big commitment for any member to undertake but not as demanding as it was in years gone by. We do recognise that family and work commitments must always be a priority for any Committee member so to that end we have reduced the commitment required by a member during a season and continue to look at the Calendar to try and ease that Commitment.

The simplest way to achieve the above is to get the Committee up to strength, a task that has proven difficult over the last three years. However, we are looking at alternatives for next year to try and attract members onto Committee.

One Club has informed the Committee that they had not put forward a nomination for Committee as they considered that their green was not good enough to host the Finals. The Finals can be held on any green chosen by the President so long as it is by agreement and is suitable. So please do not let that stop any club from nominating a candidate.

Are you a member who has the knowledge, enthusiasm and willingness to serve on Committee but has no desire to be President? Come onto Committee and use that experience for the Associations benefit, nothing says you must be President.

There are member clubs of the Association who have never held the Position of President. Is now the time to put forward a candidate?

Finally, the member who wants to join the Committee and progress through the offices to President. That member is also required.

There is an urgent need of support from the Clubs to fill the empty chairs. Four would be excellent, three would be very good as would two and one.

Support the Association and put forward candidates for the Committee in writing to the Secretary no later than the 31 December 2017.



Cities & Counties East Section 2018

Cities and Counties Championship       

East Section Fixture list  2018

Week 1                              Saturday 12th May Venue
Midlothian v Stirling County East  
West Fife v East Lothian  
Edinburgh & Leith v Fife  
Borders v West Lothian  


Week 2                              Saturday 19th May Venue
Edinburgh & Leith v East Lothian  
West Lothian v Midlothian  
Fife v West Fife  
Stirling County East v Borders  


Week 3                              Saturday 26th May Venue
East Lothian v Stirling County East  
West Lothian v Fife  
West Fife v Midlothian  
Borders v Edinburgh & Leith  


Week 4                                Saturday 2nd June Venue
Fife v East Lothian  
Stirling County East v West Lothian  
Edinburgh & Leith v West Fife  
Midlothian v Borders  


Week 5                              Saturday 9th June Venue
West Fife v Stirling County East  
Borders v Fife  
East Lothian v Midlothian  
West Lothian v Edinburgh & Leith  


Week 6                              Saturday 16th June Venue
Fife v Stirling County East  
West Lothian v East Lothian  
Edinburgh & Leith v Midlothian  
Borders v West Fife  


Week 7                              Saturday 23rd June Venue
Midlothian v Fife  
West Fife v West Lothian  
Stirling County East v Edinburgh & Leith  
East Lothian v Borders  

Matt Purdie 2018

The Matt Purdie is a competition played by eight Associations during July and August  for bowlers aged Sixty and above.  The Association over the years has steadily improved its standing in the Matt Purdie and succeeded in winning the trophy in 2016 and are in a fight to possibly qualify for the final in 2017.

The current feedback is that not all Clubs are aware of the existence of this competition or they believe the age limit starts at sixty five.

There will be a letter circulated to all Clubs to ask the Secretary to alert the members of the existence of the Matt Purdie and also with a view of seeking applicants from more members that have just reached or closer to the qualifying age of sixty.

The Matt Purdie Team will be having a trial in September. This date will be advised in the letter.

I am sure we all know players in our own Club who have just attained the age of sixty that would be worthy of a Trial.

So please spread the word.