Tait 2019

The Tait Trophy in 2019 will commence on Monday 12 August 2019. The start date is later this year and it is hoped this will encourage all Clubs to have their Championship completed prior to the start date.

The final will be held on Friday 23 August 2019 at Parkside B.C.

When the draw is made players will not be sent to a Club with only one game on the green.Clubs will be allocated a maximum of four games. We hope this  will generate a bit of an atmosphere on the green and encourage spectators along. Clubs may then feel it is worthwhile opening to multiple visitors.

In previous years there have been to many call offs in the first three rounds. Not the fault of the player who qualifies for the last eight without a win but unfair on the player who has had to beat three other Club champions to get there.

The draw for the Tait Trophy will be made in the second week of July. Therefore entries will be in by the end of June. This will allow Clubs to ensure that the Club Champion is available. 12 August to 23 August 2019.

The draw will be available live on the Web Site as it is made.

It has been suggested that a fine be imposed on Clubs that do not turn up and the money raised added to any prize fund. This is only a suggestion from a Club and not policy.